Wallace Kilt Pin

This handsome Wallace kilt pin is a exact replica of the original on display in Sterling, Scotland. Art Pewter was given permission by the Council Of Clan Chiefs to make this pin due to their stellar reputation for researching Clan history, culture and ancient artifacts found in the Scottish Highlands. Great attention is give to detail and capturing the authenticity of their subject. It is made entirely of Fine English Pewter, consisting of 94% pure first-run tin (4th most valuable metal). The other 6% includes the alloys of antimony and palladium; no recycled metals are used. Wallace Kilt Pin measures approximately 1 1/8″ X 3″ in length.


Wallace Kilt Pin    AP 066

Designed and handcrafted in Scotland by skilled Scottish craftsmen using English Fine Pewter.  Exceeds the high standards set in BSEN611-1 and Standard  Fine English Pewter, exceeding established standards set by BSEN611-1 and British Standard 5140. Industry standards are rigorously enforced by the Association of British Pewter Craftsmen.

Measures approximately 1 1/8″ x 3.00″

Non allergenic and non toxic. Will not tarnish and easily cleaned with soapy water.

Sir William Wallace (1270-1305) remains one of two (Robert Bruce was the other) national heroes as an early leader of Scottish resistance against English rule.

In 1297, he led about 30 resistance fighters against the English sheriff then assembled a resistance army to challenge an approaching English army.
His army was greatly outnumbered by the British, but they challenged the British invaders who were crossing the Stirling Bridge near the city of Sterling. It was an overwhelming victory for Wallace and his men. He was Knighted for his bravery and made leader of Scotland.

In 1298, Edward 11 of England returned from France where his army had been battling the French. He brought his army on an invasion of Scotland to avenge the English defeat at Stirling. Sir Wallace and his army lost a major battle at Falkirk as his men, armed with their Claidhmhor (Claymore) swords and spears, were no match against Edwards’ battle hardened archers and cavalry.

Wallace was able to escape but was later captured near Glasgow. He was taken to London where he was drawn for treason, hanged for robbery, disemboweled as a sacrifice, beheaded as an outlaw and quartered for Divine Depredation.” His body is buried in London in an unmarked grave.

Robert the Bruce rose up to continue the Scottish rebellion against British rule at the death of Wallace who remains a national hero in the hearts of Scottish separatists. His Claidhmhor remains proudly on display at a monument near Stirling castle in Scotland.

Now you are able to proudly wear a miniature version of the Wallace sword on your kilt, or lapel to show your pride of Scottish ancestry and turbulent history (you are welcome even if you are not Scottish). You may want to add a Bruce kilt pin in support of this duo of national heroes.


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